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Field-proven power supply technologies

Powernet applies a platform approach in custom design power supply solutions, focusing its research on developing and creating new product platforms. Our field-proven technology platforms reduce the risk to the user over timetables and technical success of the product.

Technology platforms use our standard component libraries to minimise component lead times and improve lifecycle management.

AC/DC platforms

  • Power range from tens of watts to several kilowatts
  • Input voltage range typically from tens to 300 VAC
  • Digital control
  • Self diagnostics and digital communication interfaces
  • Output voltage range from tens to hundreds of volts
  • Efficiency up to 96%

DC/DC platforms

  • Power range from tens of watts to several kilowatts
  • DC/DC conversion for typical backup systems from 12 VDC to 220 VDC
  • Special high voltage industrial/railway solutions, input voltage >1000 VDC
  • DC/DC conversion for wind, fuel cell and solar applications; power control feedback due to limited input energy source
  • Self diagnostics and digital communication interfaces

DC/AC platforms

  • Power range from one kilowatt to tens of kilowatts (modular topology)
  • Modular systems with n+1 redundancy, hot swappable modules
  • Input voltage range from 24 VDC to 220 VDC
  • Both one-phase and three-phase systems
  • Backup AC power for industrial, energy and telecom applications
  • Design platform for grid connectable inverter in renewable energy applications
  • Design platform for energy recovery and regeneration, braking energy solutions

Customer Success Stories

Customers testify that Powernet has the capacity and resources to customise products for their requirements.

Read more

Standard Products

Our standard products are based on platforms for use in demanding industrial, marine and military applications that must operate reliably in harsh conditions.

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