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Modular 48/60VDC inverter system 1.5-30kVA
1-phase and 3-phase systems

Static switch units and Manual bypass units

BPU69000 7.5kVA Static switch
MSR8180 powerframe for inverter and static switch

MBP68300 Manual Bypass
MBP68300 19″ 1.5U powerframe for static switch and manual bypass / AC-distribution

BPU69000 30kVA Static switch
MBP68400 19″ 3U powerframe for static switch and manual bypass

3-phase system synchronization

TPC66000 3-phase system synchronization unit
3-phase inverter systems 4.5kVA – 22.5kVA


AC- and DC- distribution units
SNMP unit
Remote Monitoring solutions


Modular 24/48/60/110/125/220/230VDC inverter system 1-24kVA
1-phase and 3-phase systems

Static switch units and Manual bypass units

BPU69000 6kVA static switch
6U/14TE module for 19″ 6U rack

BPU68000 6kVA manual bypass
6U/14TE manual bypass and AC-distribution unit for 19″ 6U rack

MBP69000 30kVA Static switch
MBP68400 19″ 3U powerframe for static switch and manual bypass

Wall Mounting Adapters

Wall Mounting Adapters for DAC60000 inverters

3-phase system synchronization

TPC66000 3-phase system synchronization unit
3-phase inverter systems 4.5kVA – 22.5kVA


AC- and DC- distribution units
SNMP unit
Remote Monitoring solutions


Modular 48/60 VDC inverters 19″2U, parallel connectable

Static switch units and Manual bypass units

BPU69000 6kVA static switch
6U/14TE module for 19″ 2U rack

MBP68200 6kVA manual bypass
Static switch, manual bypass and AC-distribution unit for 19″ 2U rack

Optional AC- and DC-distribution UNITS,  SMNP UNITS and
Remote Monitoring SW

AC- and DC-distribution units

AC Distribution Unit DAC60000 Inverters 6pcs of 1-pole MCBs or 2 x schuko power outlets

AC Distribution Unit DAC60000 Inverters
1-20pcs of 1-pole MCBs
1-10pcs of 2-pole MCBs
Schuko power outlets
Optional: breakers with RCD

SNMP and remote monitoring

SNMP / WEB manager for DAC60000 Inverters

Remote Monitoring
Configuration software for DAC60000 inverters and adapters for remote access


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