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  • Powernet and ELIM finds recipe for mutual success in the Russian market

    Powernet and ELIM finds recipe for mutual success in the Russian market

    Success on the vast Russian market requires both local presence and local content in the products.
    Powernet and ELIM has worked together over 10 years and been able to develop a good model for joint

    ELIM provides the local organization for sales, supporting the customer as well as refining the products or
    building system solutions for the customers. A fine example of the co-operation is the EL-FA2000-series
    power supplies and chargers, that are based on a Powernet core module and then assembled by ELIM in an
    IP54 enclosure and adding control panel and display for ease-of-use.

    Powernet boasts a large family of standard products which have proven to be very reliable and versatile,
    often each user finds a model for their specific needs from Powernet’s portfolio. As the power business is
    truly globally local, Powernet has a large family of business partners globally to service and develop the
    local customers. ELIM is a prime example of such a partner.

    Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “The close cooperation with
    ELIM, as a local expert organization, has given Powernet effectively a good access to the Russian market. As
    with most successful business relationships our partnership is based on hard work, trust and mutual

    Andrey Litvinov, Sales Manager of ELIM says “We first met with Powernet representatives over 10 years
    ago. Ever since Powernet has been eager to provide us with technical support and ideas how to expand the
    business together. The products that combine Powernet modules and ELIM controllers and enclosures have
    proven to bring unique value to the market and gain wide popularity, we are even considering to start
    export sales.”

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  • Powernet and Bamer starts co-operation to sell Powernet Inverter Solutions on the Italian market

    Advanced back-up power solutions are needed in most industrial applications.

    Powernet’s modular DAC60000-series Inverter solutions can be tailored to advanced Back-Up power needs of Telecom, Gas&Oil, Power Distribution as well as various Industrial applications. The DAC6000-series is particularly well suited for power needs of 3-22kVA and can be easily configured and expanded in a 19” rack installation to cover the chancing need of the customer.

    Bamer has a wide network of clients and local partners in the Italian market, which will now have local access and support to the Powernet Inverter solutions. Bamer and Powernet work on the same principle by offering its customers high added value through solutions tailored for each customer’s specific need.

    Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “We see this co-operation as a great way for Powernet to gain access to the Italian market. We are sure that with a capable partner like Bamer our Inverter solution will help local clients to fulfill their demanding back-up needs.”

    Marta Geron, Market Communication Manager of Bamer says “After evaluating the Powernet solutions, we saw a big opportunity in increasing our Company power conversion’s solutions by adding to our portfolio its inverters. Thanks to Powernet devices, Bamer will strengthen the partnership with its more demanding customer, especially with those focused on highly critical applications, such as oil & gas and communication. We are sure that our partnership with Powernet will be a success and we believe our customer will certainly appreciate Powernet’s devices modularity and reliability.”

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  • Powernet and Amaronia starts co-operation in sales of Rail Auxiliary Power Solutions

    Amaronia will market Powernet’s Rail Auxiliary Power Solutions to the Transportation segment world wide


    Auxiliary power, battery and battery management technology has made a huge jump forward during the last years. Powernet has developed state-of-the-art battery management- and charger solutions for the rail segment, which will give end-customers substantial added values, such as system availability and extended life time.

    Amaronia again has a network of clients and local partners around the globe, which will be used to market and sell the Powernet battery management solutions.

    Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “We see this co-operation as a great way for Powernet to gain access to markets where we could not go alone. We are sure that our rail power and battery management solutions are very well positioned to gain a good foothold in the geographical areas Amaronia operates.

    Samuel Krüger, CEO of Amaronia says “After evaluating the Powernet solutions, we see a big opportunity in many of the geographies, and especially in the rolling stock segment. Many train operators and train manufacturers are now understanding the importance of having intelligent battery management solutions.

    Many of the Powernet solutions bring new features, as remote diagnostics and State of Health to battery management. Both Powernet and Amaronia think that when customers know more about their batteries and charging mechanisms, this will decrease the overall cost and maintenance need. The Powernet solutions fit very well into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) concept, which means that they can all be monitored and supervised remotely. This means intelligent battery charging, data logging and communication is here today!

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  • Heikki Viika joins Powernet as new CEO as Berndt Schalin reaches retirement age

    Berndt Scahalin ”passes the torch” to Heikki Viika

    Heikki Viika new CEO of Powernet

    Heikki Viika joins Powernet as new CEO as Berndt Schalin reaches retirement age. Mr Viika brings vast experience from an international career in Bombardier as well as from power supply industry.

    Powernet’s development and focus the few last years has centred significantly around the rail industry and working in partnership with major customers solving their power supply needs.

    Heikki holds M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology and has done business studies in Helsinki School of Business Economics and IMD/Lausanne. He is experienced in international senior management positions in Bombardier heading globally Engineering, Marketing, Strategy, Sales, and Quality&Safety, as well as holding general management roles as Regional GM for Asia Pacific, and Head of BU London Underground. Subsequently he held the position of President and CEO in another power supply company. Heikki’s background supports Powernet in developing competencies in system integration and the rail industry thus helping to solve the customer’s needs.

    Heikki Viika, CEO of Powernet Oy comments “I am delighted to be working with Powernet, this role allows me to use my extensive experience to help moving this great company forward on their strategic path of working in partnership with customers in industry and rail. I would like to thank Berndt for the great reception in Powernet and his help in getting acquainted with the company. He has done a great job bringing the company to a stable forward oriented position.

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  • Powernet’s ADC8000 Intelligent Charger product platform Enables predictive maintenance and remote monitoring

    Powernet’s new ADC8000 Intelligent Charger platform is a true building block for IIOT

    Powernet’s ADC8000 Intelligent Charger platform enables predictive maintenance and extensive remote monitoring

    The game changing ADC8000 Product Platform makes the battery charger a sensor for data and enables extensive remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

    The ADC8000 Product Platform is a sophisticated, compact, and cost efficient battery charger with all essential monitoring and communication capabilities integrated. The proprietary software developed by Powernet monitors the State of Health (SOH) of the back-up battery as well as numerous data such as up time, down time, temperature data, run time in different temperature ranges and efficiency of use. Integrated deep discharge protection with adjustable threshold levels, temperature compensated charging and an operation temperature range of -40 to +70 °C is standard in the ADC8000 platform.

    The SOH algorithms will give a reliable prediction of remaining battery life based on a continuous impedance and temperature measurement over the whole life time of the batteries, thus eliminating premature change of batteries as well as alarming the supervisory system at chosen points of remaining lifetime, eg. 6 and 3 months.

    Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “Battery chargers and power supplies used to be black boxes with a led indicating everything is OK or a failure. The ADC8000 platform is a true game changer, the former black box is now a node for information and in a large distributed system it will communicate the State of Health of the battery of every node as well as numerous data to the SCADA-system. Thanks to the ADC8000 we will see many high value added applications emerging in predictive maintenance and optimization of running costs!

    Berndt Schalin, CEO of Powernet Oy comments “The ADC8000 platform introduces battery chargers of distributed battery backed up systems as true building blocks of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). We are very excited to guide our customers into this new era of Intelligent battery charging, data logging and communication!

    ADC8000 intelligent charger

    The ADC8000 optimizes running costs by providing real-time data for predictive maintenance

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  • Powernet supplies Oceanvolt with missing link for electric & hybrid boats

    Oceanvolt was missing a 48V/12V converter charger – Powernet modifies a standard unit for electric & hybrid boats for Marine environment

    Powernet supplies Oceanvolt with missing link for electric & hybrid boats

    Oceanvolt, a pioneer in hybrid & electric powered sailing boats needed a charger to convert 48VDC to 12 VDC. Powernet modified a standard DDC4370 unit to comply with the application specific needs and environmental conditions.

    Oceanvolt’s system is based on a 48V battery bank, but in sailing boats also a 12V or 24V voltage is needed to supply power to instruments for navigation, communication systems, lights etc. Representatives for Oceanvolt and Powernet first met and started discussing a solution at the Vene-Båt exhibition in Helsinki.

    Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “We are both glad and proud to be able to help and co-operate with Oceanvolt in such an exciting, modern and ecological application as electric and hybrid powered sailboats. We are looking forward to a long term, mutually successful co-operation out on the seven seas!

    The DCDC4370-based unit modified for Oceanvolt features a pre-programmed starting delay as well as a custom-made charging algorithm. To protect the unit from tough environmental conditions out on the seas, the PCB has been coated with a protective coating material.

    Powernet has proven to be a flexible and committed partner. After we agreed on the initial idea a prototype was delivered for testing and we could lock the specification for the final product in a pragmatic way. We were just able to implement the first chargers in time for the Vendee Globe 2016/2017 and the first units have already successfully travelled around the globe in extreme conditions.” says Anna Hietanen, Marketing Manager at Oceanvolt.

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  • Powernet ADC5000 power supply reaches 500.000 shipped units milestone

    Powernet ADC5000 has shipped worlwide to over 500 customers in over 50 countries

    Powernet delivers its 500.000th ADC5000 Series Power Supply

    Powernet’s ADC5000 power supply reached a significant milestone when the 500.000th product was shipped out in November 2016. The ADC5000 is a true ambassador for Finnish technology industry on a global level.

    Known for its robust design and high reliability, the ADC5000 series chargers and power supplies have been shipped directly to more than 500 customers in over 50 countries all around the world. Applications include industrial automation, railway trackside, elevator, wind turbine, meteorological and fire&safety systems.

    The ADC5000 comes in three power ranges; 60, 120 and 240W. All units are DIN-rail mountable with optional wall mounting bracket available. Output voltage versions include 12, 24 and 48VDC. ADC5000 charger models are known for temperature compensation functionality and inbuilt series diodes on output for easy parallel connectivity. Robust “R”-versions feature PCBs protected by conformal coating and large component fixed to withstand vibration. Suitable for Nordic conditions (severe winter) the operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C. Modified and customer specific units are available on request.

    – “The ADC5000 is a truly global success story. First products shipped in 1998 and we believe demand will continue strong well into the 2020’s. Our decision to focus on product quality and fulfilling customer demands has proven to be a wise decision, you could say this is the recipe for a small technology company to become a viable supplier on the global market“, comments Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.

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  • Powernet new Rail Battery Management System exhibited at INNOTRANS 2016 in Berlin 20-23.9.2016

    Powernet launches new BCS Battery Management System for Rail and exhibits ADC9000 series product portfolio

    Powernet new Rail Battery Management Systems at Innotrans 2016

    At Innotrans 2016 Powernet will show the new BCS Battery Management System (up to 12,8kW) for rolling stock applications as well as exhibit the whole ADC9000-series modules for auxiliary power need in the 500-3200W range.

    The BCS-system is based on the popular ADC9000 family modules. By combining several ADC9000 units in a BCS system solution, the power range can be configured from 6,4 to 12,8kW with high redundancy inbuilt. Furthermore the system is closely integrated with the train management system and displays extraordinary high efficiency and flexibility over the whole power range as the system controller optimizes the usage of the internal switching mode power supply modules independently. The small form factor allows for light and flexible installation options, including IP65 enclosures for rooftop installation.

    – “Our popular ADC9000 series offers a broad portfolio of modules for auxiliary power supply needs in the range of 500-3200W. The small and light power modules are available as converters, power supplies and battery chargers. The new BCS-system is a top-of-theline solution that combines the ADC9000 modules with the high level functionality of a deeply integrated Battery Management System in the Train. We look forward to a busy week at Innotrans and invite all existing and new customers to visit us!”, says Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.

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  • Powernet launches ADC7480HV-series 3200W High Voltage DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Chargers

    Powernet adds ADC7480HV DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Chargers to versatile portfolio

    Powernet launches new 3200W High Voltage (HV) Converters/Chargers

    ADC7480HV (3200W) DC/DC Converters and AC/DC Chargers have Extraordinary wide output range that spans 0 – 900VDC.

    Offering a solution for many innovative applications the new 3200W ADC7480HV-family converts 70-369VDC to 220,280, 560 or 900VDC. The high voltage models can also work as rectifiers with an input of 70-264VAC.

    High voltages are needed in super cap applications, plasma coating/cutting applications, solar power solutions, spectrometry and X-ray machinery, industrial microwave systems, test- and measurement systems and automotive battery charging; to name a few target applications for the new HV-series.

    Output voltages are adjustable from 0-900VDC (max) depending on the version. Trimmer adjustable models as well as models adjustable with 0-5V external analog control signals are also available. As usual, Powernet also has the capability to offer customized versions of the new products.

    – “Powernet’s standard products are well known for their flexible design and ability to work with many different input voltages. The ADC7840HV is a prime example of a multi-purpose product family now also offering a solution for a multitude of industrial special applications needing high voltage outputs. All the new Converters/Chargers are available for orders now“, comments Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.

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  • Powernet launches new ADC8100 HV battery chargers

    Powernet introduces 800W and 1600W HV battery chargers

    Powernet launches 800W and 1600W ADC8100-series for High Voltage battery charging applications

    Powernet’s new 800 and 1600W product platform brings capabilities for High Voltage (160- 280VAC) charging applications. High Voltage charging is needed when higher voltage batteries are used, eg. 220V batteries in small vehicles, security systems and HV solar applications.

    The first products based on the ADC8100- series have been developed in co-operation with key accounts in the security segment and are now in volume production.

    The new ADC8100-series design platform shows a very slim design (50mm height), the possibility for external control of the unit, high efficiency (>92%) as well as high power density through the compact design. The ADC8100 works on 230VAC input and first customer products developed are used in an indoor (-10°C to +55°C) IP20 environment. Powernet’s flexible product platforms allows for project specific designs and details of control, environmental spec as well as mechanics will be selected based on project needs.

    – “The ADC8100- product platform brings an exciting addition to Powernet’s portfolio of Industrial power supply solutions. High voltage battery charging is needed eg. in security systems, solar energy applications and in autonomous mobile robots. Actual products will be fine-tuned and finalized in co-operation with our customers to ensure perfect fit to the customer application“, says Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.

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