Custom design power supply solutions for your needs

Standard power supplies are not always enough, and Powernet can help when you need a custom design solution. We deliver a product matching your specific requirements down to the smallest detail.

Our expertise in industry-leading solutions is based on extensive experience and in-depth understanding of industrial, rail & transportation, and renewable energy applications. Our product development pays close attention to standards, regulations and intellectual property rights.

Latest technology, high reliability, cost effectiveness

A custom design power supply solution always incorporates the latest technology, high reliability and excellent lifecycle cost effectiveness. This cost effectiveness may also be achieved through an upgrade that significantly prolongs the lifetime of your product.

Ultimately the R&D partnership with Powernet will reduce your own development costs.

Customer Success Stories

Customers have reached significant advantages from our high performance power supply solutions in industrial, rail & transportation and renewable energy applications.

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Did you know that products supplied by Powernet meet industry-specific standards, rules and regulations?

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Standard Products

Powernet’s broad range of standard products satisfies a wide range of requirements.

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