Follow the transparent design process

Transparency is essential for good customer relationships and built into our design process. You may monitor the progress of your customised power supply order and influence the process at various review points. We provide current details of the design and manufacturing stages of your product throughout the project.

Built on a proven platform

Each project begins by establishing the product specifications and deliverables. The power supply is then built over the subsequent design and development stages on a proven platform created by Powernet’s experienced development team. The platform approach offers the possibility to combine known building blocks of our design portfolio and shortens the product development time.

Prototypes are built for customer testing and type testing to secure a successful outcome before your custom design product goes into production.


Customer success stories

Our close co-operation and long-term relationships with customers are the outcome of reliable products and professional technical support.

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Custom design products

A custom design product delivers cost effectiveness over the whole life cycle.

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Standard products

With a typical lifespan of 15-20 years, most of our standard products are still in use.

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